For the past few years, I have used variations of the Daily 5, which depended on my class schedule and the type of class I had that year. In preparation for this school year, I have been rereading the Daily 5 book and going back through the resources I have. I haven't got my new class schedule yet, but hopefully it will give me enough time to implement this program more effectively. 
I moved the furniture around a bit in my class and now the Daily 5 Center Areas are more well-defined and a little farther away from each other- to help with noise and distractions. (Just realized I left the camera at school so I will add pictures later.)
My "Work on Writing" Area is right as you walk in the door. Instead of the students keeping all their materials in their cubbies this year (lots of problems last year), I  have a bin in the Writing Area for their Journals and their "Word Book". The Word Book is where they write words they want to remember how to spell and Sight Words we have worked on. They will reference this book as they write. I have a Notebook on the table that we will put words we work on in there that they may want to know how to spell- more of vocabulary words we work on. This year, I am going to add Class Journals. They each have a Topic and any child can write and respond to the topic and/or what others write. I saw this idea on Pinterest. 
I printed out Writing Prompts, cut them out and tied them together with a ribbon. The Writing Prompts are so cute and perfect for my grade level. I got them from Mrs. Mabe on Teachers pay Teachers ($4).
Writing Task Cards & Topics to Write About
 You can click on the picture to purchase them if you like. I found them after I downloaded her Free Word Work cards. Those are wonderful! I added those in that Area. Here are the Word Work cards: 
Word Work Task Cards & Recording Sheets