August 18, 2012

Ready for the School Year

Whew! I just made it through a week of Trainings, another week of meetings & finishing my classroom and we had Meet the Teacher Day yesterday. The children come back on Monday. I can't believe Summer Break is over! It always seems to go so fast.
I have my room all organized, clean and ready for school. Here are some pictures:
My room looks very bare to me this year. We are implementing a new program to help our students, which involves not having as many things up which will distract them. I understand the thinking, but it has been hard not to decorate my room as I usually do. We'll see how this works. I do feel more organized since I went through everything and got rid of what I don't use. I am having the children share cubbies this year so I can use half of them for storage (hidden under fabric). This new storage really helped me to hide many of the supplies I teach with throughout the year.

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