June 28, 2012


I'm back! My Lyme Disease has been flaring up for a while, but at least it is summer and I don't have to worry about working at school. My daughter is getting married next Saturday, so I have been helping with that. It's been a busy few weeks.
Anyway, I wanted to put a few pictures up of things we did the last few weeks of school.
For some reason, the pictures went above the beginning words. We did a 2 week unit on Sports. The children LOVED it! I had mostly boys (14 boys and 5 girls) and most of them (and some of the girls) were on Sports teams already. We focused on 2 sports a week- Football and Soccer the first week and Baseball and Basketball the second week. I read a book by Gail Gibbons for each Sport (shown above) and showed clips from YouTube of children playing each sport. We went over vocabulary specific to each sport. We were working on writing directions so the children wrote to explain how to play 2 of the sports. They also did narrative writing with each sport. We created large charts (one shown above) and the children labeled the pictures. We started with Schema charts for each sport and the children added their New Learning to the charts.
At recess, the children were able to play each sport (except baseball) and they had a lot of fun. It went really well and I plan to do this again next year at the end of May.
If you are interested, I posted the Sports Unit I made to teacherspayteachers.com.
You can click on the picture to get to the unit.

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