July 12, 2012

Welcome Letters to Students

I’m home recovering from my daughter’s wedding last Saturday. It went well and was beautiful, but it was A LOT of work! Thankfully, I have a great family who helped so much.

Anyway, as I am taking it easy this week, I have started looking through papers and files I have at home for the beginning of the school year. I always mail a Welcome letter to the students in my class. This year, I have decided to print a Welcome letter on cardstock and glue them to the left over magnets I have from my daughter’s “Save the Dates” she sent out several months ago. This way, the students can put them on their refrigerators and see the Important Dates for the beginning of the year. The above image is a draft of what I plan to send. (Still have to get the exact dates). On "Meet the Teacher" day, I give the students an Orientation Packet with detailed information about me and classroom polices and routines. My Welcome Letter is really just to say "hi".

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