April 29, 2013

Common Core Language Standards

I have searched for a while to try and find Language Activities to provide my students a spiral review throughout the year. I tend to focus on Math, since I love Math, so I used some of those activities as an inspiration to create some Language Arts reviews to use in my classroom.
     I have started going through the Common Core Language Standards more closely. I made a Language Common Core Activity Packet Set 1 that has card/word sorts and worksheets to help teach the first 4 sections of the Language Arts Standards- through types of Nouns. I have also made 8 (so far) Common Core Language Mini-books for students to do throughout the year as a spiral review which will incorporate all of the Standards throughout the year when I am finished. I plan to use 1 book a week, so 8 books would last me 2 months.
     I did some of the Proper Noun Activities as a review today and my students did half of the first Common Core Mini-book as a review for our standardized test. They did very well and I was able to see quickly who needed a minilesson on a skill.
     If you are interested, you can find these activities posted on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook.
First Grade Common Core Language Arts (L.1.1-a,b,c,d) Unit

First Grade Language Common Core Practice Books 1-4

First Grade Language Common Core Practice Books 5-8

     I will be working on making more of the big units. (It looks like it will take 3 units to cover all of the Language Standards). There will also be about 10 sets of the Language Mini-books. I want to have enough books for my class so that we can spiral review the skills all year long and not forget them. I hope you find these helpful.

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