May 4, 2013

Standardized Testing

We started our Standardized testing this week. My school is trying not to overwhelm the children so we are only testing for an hour a day, 3 days a week. It will take us 8 days total to finish.
Several years ago, I gave this same test to my 1st graders. But, my county decided not to give it anymore due to the cost. Now, it will be a big part of our Evaluation, so they chose this as the test we will be evaluated on.
It is hard during the test since I can only say things they way they are worded in the Direction booklet. I know that if I could reword some of the directions, they would really understand what to do.
Throughout this school year, I have pulled in some test practice that I have found online. There are some wonderful resources for our test (Stanford 10) on Teachers Pay Teachers- although not a lot of them. I also bought a used Scoring High booklet to see what types of questions would be on the test.
So far, I am proud of how hard my students worked on the test. I could tell halfway through the third day, several were already burned out. Hopefully with the days in between, they will do their best next week.

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